Tear-Off Calendar Emoji meaning, 📆 meaning

Tear Off Calendar Emoji Meaning

A single date on a calendar. Generally depicted as a page on a two-ringed, daily desk calendar, as flipped or torn off to change the date. Displays month and day on a white, square page, curled up at the bottom right.
Like 📅 Calendar and 🗓️ Spiral Calendar, commonly used as an icon for specific upcoming events or memorial dates. Also used for various content concerning time, date, schedules, planning, and observances and occasions more generally.
The date shown is July 17. This date was first used by Apple as a reference to when iCal for Mac premiered at MacWorld Expo in 2002. Since 2014 Emojipedia has celebrated World Emoji Day on July 17, because of this emoji.
Major platforms previously used a variety of dates on this calendar, but have changed in recent years to also show July 17, to avoid confusion on World Emoji Day. Some vendors still feature easter egg dates marking company founding or other milestones:

📅 Apple: July 17 (Mac iCal announcement in 2002, later World Emoji Day)
📅 Google: July 17 (World Emoji Day; previously a generic 12, as months in the year)
📅 Microsoft: a generic month
📅 Samsung: July 17 (World Emoji Day; previously a generic 31)
📅 WhatsApp: Feb 24 (incorporation of WhatsApp in 2009)
📅 Twitter: Jul 17  (changed from March 21 which was the founding date of Twitter in 2006; previously July 15, the date Twitter launched)
📅 Facebook: February 4 (date of founding in 2004; previously a generic 31)
📅 JoyPixels: July 17 (World Emoji Day)


📅 Messenger: August 9 (first release of Messenger apps in 2011)
📅 LG: March 27 (unknown)
📅 HTC: generic 3
📅 Mozilla: July 17 (World Emoji Day)
📅 emojidex: December 12 (unknown)
📅 Softbank: 12 (suggesting the number of months in a year)  
📅 Docomo: 12
📅 au by KDDI: 12
Tear-Off Calendar was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.## What does Tear-Off Calendar Emoji mean?

The Tear-Off Calendar Emoji, represented by a calendar with a date displayed, is often used to symbolize important dates, events, or appointments. It can also be used to indicate the passing of time or the anticipation of an upcoming event. This emoji is commonly used in the context of scheduling, planning, or marking significant dates on a calendar.

## Meaning from a guy

From a guy’s perspective, the Tear-Off Calendar Emoji may convey a sense of excitement or anticipation for an upcoming event or date. It can also represent a commitment to remembering important dates, such as anniversaries or appointments. For some guys, this emoji may also symbolize the passing of time or the need to stay organized and on top of their schedule.

## Meaning from a girl

From a girl’s point of view, the Tear-Off Calendar Emoji can signify the anticipation of an upcoming event or date, such as a birthday, holiday, or special occasion. It may also convey a sense of organization and planning, as well as the importance of remembering important dates and commitments. For some girls, this emoji may also represent the passing of time and the need to stay on top of their schedule and responsibilities.

## 5 examples explain how to use Tear-Off Calendar Emoji

1. “I can’t wait for our vacation next month! 📆”
2. “Don’t forget about our anniversary dinner tonight! 📆”
3. “I have a dentist appointment on Monday. 📆”
4. “The deadline for the project is approaching. 📆”
5. “Looking forward to the concert next week! 📆”

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